Kiki James

CEO & Founder

Kiki James is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ACE Charity, Abuja. She discovered her lifetime ambition at a very tender age of 10, which is to plant smiles on the faces of everyone. She volunteered with various charity organizations in the United Kingdom, which increased her desire to Assist, Care and Empower Africans. 

From age 17, she frequently walked the streets of London sharing her lunch with the homeless and less fortunate, a trend she started in her family, which now involves everyone feeding and clothing the homeless on Christmas day.

She visited Africa in 2010 and decided that Educating Africans is just as important as breathing. However, understanding Africa’s peculiar state of affairs, she decided that Affordable Healthcare and Economic Empowerment are just as essential to the development of less privilege Africans. Her mission is to re-define what Charity means in Africa and she is eager to promote self-sufficiency among Africans in all 54 African countries. 

ACE Charity


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