Eno Simon


Eno is passionate about everything: life, work, dreams and people, but especially the under-privileged. And this bias stems from a social conscience ingrained in her very early in life. So to her, giving back to the community, making life better and putting smiles on faces is an extension of practical lessons in giving she learnt at her mother’s feet.

Eno holds a B.Sc. degree in Geology, but has acquired post-graduate certifications in Computer Studies, Children and Young People’s Workforce (UK CACHE) as well as Modern Strategies for Effective Teaching/Learning in Early Years (UK), garnering in the process, unique insights in Child Psychology, Cross-cultural psychology and the Positive Psychology. This multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking and multi-competent alumnus of the University of Calabar, brings to the table over a decade of hands-on experience in educational administration, schools’ resource management, human capital development and innovative early learning approaches.