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Zikar Elendu

I have always had fear for heavy machinery like generators, escalators, some lifts and even bicycles! Yes, I said bicycles. I used to think that heavy machines could develop a sense and turn against humans (weird? I know). I remember having a tricycle as a little girl. When I was about 6 years old, my mum felt I was old enough to ride a bicycle. She took out one of the tyres of the tricycle and on my first attempt at riding my “new” bicycle, I fell off. I would not step on a bicycle again until the 1st of September 2018, over 17 years after!

ACE Charity in partnership with Rydefit organised a spinathon on the 1st of September 2018, to raise funds to procure 500 Shoes That Grow™ for children in a local primary school. The event was planned for over 8 weeks and finally the day came. I walked into Jabi Lake Mall at 6am on September 1st 2018 and there were Bikes! The 24-hour spinathon had begun and the energy was great. The tutors, the staff, the volunteers, the riders, the SMILES, the sweat, all present to spin for a cause. One word? Remarkable!

High on energy, I decided to join the spinners (to be honest I didn’t want to be left out). I sat on the bike, followed the instructions from the instructors and I thought to myself ‘this isn’t so bad after all. Few minutes into the spinning we raised the gear and it seemed like fun until I felt I had no control of my legs. Instead of my legs spinning the wheels, the wheels were spinning my legs!  [···]

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